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Maid Trooper

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2006/07/10 19:00 JST In Tokyo Stormtrooper
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Update - just to let you know that the video clip of todays events has been uploaded

My man Gen Kanai whos the top marketing guy for Mozilla in Asia was out n about in Akihabara last weekend spreading Firefox. Gen likes to do things with style and just happened to know a bunch of attractive ladies and maids to help him dish out those Firefox goodies. I just happened to be in the area shopping for stuff in armor (as one does) and joined in on the fun n games...
Just realized that after looking at this pic for a while that stormtroopers and maids seem to go well with each other - matching colors ^^;

Before I forget, you can see more of todays coverage at ellcy90 and Akibatic Suicider's blog.The video clip will be uploaded within the next week or so.

I hear that the maid thing will wear off after a while and is just a passing fad - I certainly hope not especially with lovely looking maids like this lady.

Maid with Firefox CD.

I think those ears are supposed to be foxes ears although I have yet to see a white fox.

Another maid with Firefox CD. I keep complaining to Gen that Mozilla should put more resources into making the Mac version stable. Hasnt been crashing too much lately but is just slow. Could be because of the amount of bookmarks I have?

Another cute maid.

You cant get enough of the maids.

I dont think shes a maid cut could be a maid from the future. Probably from some anime or game though.

I hate my Dell which is being used as a doormat but thats no good excuse to not have a photo with the ladies at the Dell stall.

Must not forget about the lady on the other side...

Might as well have a pic with both of em.

Firefox ladies.

For some reason, the armor seems to be popular with the ladies which is another good reason not to take off the helmet in public - they would get a shock as to how ugly the person inside is...

This is a really shoddy pic - could be because the person taking it was a bit nervous ^0^. Akibablog has a pic from another angle.
Akiba used to be a ton of fun until the police started to do their rounds - all they seem to want is an empty road so that they dont have to do any work.
In order to give out stuff to pedestrians, one has to register with the authorities and only 3 people are allowed to stand in any one of the 3 spots allocated. The police tried to do us in for having more than 3 but we had an official permit so this guy couldn't touch us and just gave a warning. Phnarr Phnarr to him.

The other two firefox ladies.

Hawaiian airlines pilot and his cabin staff.

Some more ladies - see more of em in the up n coming video (rendering as we speak).

Team firefox. You may notice a ferret at the bottom of the photo - some weido kept shoving his ferret (hmm that sounds rude) in front of ladies to see how they would react.

I suppose this could be a Chinese version of a maid. Sakuya from Envy.

Hmmm - scantly clad office ladies?

Apart from maids, the school uniform is always popular. Yumeka Tachibana.

Get together shot at the end of the day. The firefox team will be at Shibuya Mark City next Saturday spreading Firefox. I will just happen to be in the area at Seibu getting my ETC pass for my car and shopping for some clothing in my armor so will be dropping in on the shenanigans - see you there if you can make it - from 11AM-7PM - there will also be some giveaways too.


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