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Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2008/07/22 05:26 JST In Figures
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Forgot to hijack this one.
Meimi132 asks how much have you spent on figures.
Not too sure as I have quite a bit but not spending as much on figures as I used to due to the SAFS phenomenon ^^;
What is the most you have/would spend on one figure?

Original text from Meimi132 below.

Today I spent a while finding out just how much I'd spent on figures in the last year(well, less than a year really...)
I was flabbergasted to find that I'd spent over £750!!(Thats over 160000 yen and $1500!!)
I know that women can spend that much on shoes easily..... but on figures!!!! OMG I didnt realise that I could.....and that fast.....

Theres a more exact figure of how much I've spent and my top 7 favourite figures at my blog.

It seems to be having a little spaz at the moment, it won't let me post picures, even after I've cut their actual size down alot!

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