Women only carriage

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2006/05/29 16:20 JST In Japan
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Dont know whether this surprises you or not but there exists a women's only train carriage introduced to prevent (?) perverts from getting up to no good.
Women being groped on the trains seems to be a common problem on the trains judging by all the "No perversion" signs dotted around here and there. One of my colleagues had a bad encounter on the trains but the pervert groped the wrong person - she threw the pervert to the floor and held him in an arm lock. Now the really sad bit was when she called for help to call the police - everybody ignored her. One person said to her "Stop making a fuss."

I dont know what actually happens when a bloke gets on one of these carriages and I guess not much - I cant imaging people saying much.

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