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Hokousha Tengoku

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2006/04/28 15:55 JST In Japan
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Hokousha Tengoku ( 歩行者天国 ) is the phrase used to describe where roads are closed off to vehicles ( pedestrianized ) for humans to "take a stroll and shop without being splattered by a bus" - thats a rough translation from the Metropolitan Police Department's page.
Currently there are only 3 locations in Tokyo where roads are closed off to traffic on a Sunday - main road in Ginza, selected roads in Shinjuku and the place in all of our hearts - Akihabara.
What you wont see in Ginza or Shinjuku however are things like this lady handing out leaflets. As you can clearly see - she has a nice pair of eyes to lure you to take a leaflet. If you are in Tokyo and dont want to splash out on a DVD just to see a lady with nice eyes, all you have to do is wait around Akihabara and you can get some for free - have a look at Akibablog to see the swarms of people around this lady (picture also taken from Akiba Blog).


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