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Japanese School Girl Uniforms

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2011/02/22 08:00 JST In Japan
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Through filming at a Japanese high school last October, I met some folks who design and manufacture Japanese school uniforms. The company is called Lucy Pop and just happen to be in my neck of the woods at Musashikoyama in Meguro. Been meaning to catch up with them for a while and we spent an afternoon talking about how we could work together.

Lucy Pop do everything one would need to transform themselves into a fully fledged school girl - even the lads can give it a whirl. Here we got some neck attire. The wriggly things are called Shu Shu [シュシュ] and would set you back about 600 yen each.

Neck ribbons dont only look big in anime - they also look big in real life too ^^; These are about 1,500 yen each.

Shirts and blazers - forgot how much these cost.

Cardigans are 5,990 yen each.

Skirts at 9,450 yen. Skirts are designed to enable students to roll them up which is why they look so short when worn. Have a look at the photos I took at Fujisawa High School to see shortness in action. There are some evil schools which require their students to wear specially designed skirts which prevent girls from rolling up their skirts though.
Is it only Japanese school girls who roll up their skirts or do girls do it in your neck of the woods too?

Rolling up skirts to make them shorter is done by girls in your kingdom too?

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Which is your fave color?

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Something for school girls to keep their weapons in.

Shu Shu Po Po Shu Shu Po Po.
Crayon Chin-chan reference desu.

Smaller Shu Shu which even mean can wear - one size fits all dolphins.

Socks at 990 yen each. Regular otaku will notice that any illustrators are asked to draw girls with their feet pointing out at the viewer for those who have a foot fetish. Also notice of late that many seem to have a knee pit fetish. Which are you?

You has a fetish for?

The girls from AKB48 also wear Lucy Pop gear too.

Some teen mags for girls.

The teen mags are filled with school girl fashion - also some Lucy Pop stuff in there too. Didn't see any electronics or anime related stuff in any of them.

Many online retailers like J-List sell anime mags but how many of you is being interested in these type of teen mags?

You is being interested in reading Japanese school girl mags?

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While Japanese school girl uniforms are breezy down below, they do provide warm jackets like this to keep em warm on top. Mmmmmm. Warm on top.

Japanese school girl shoes! Just like anime!

This brand of shoe is Haruta and is a popular school girl footwear brand in Japan. These cost about 5,500 yen for a pair.

What anime/game series has the nicest school girl uniforms?

Which country has the cutest school girl uniform?

Lucy Pop and I discussed 2 things - how to make their products available to folks overseas and a Mirai Suenaga uniform. Its time to give Mirai a long sleeve jacket.

If you want to pay them a visit then pop along to Musashikoyama station and look for Mr Donuts - they are right opposite ^^; If you have a meeitng for me and are waiting for me to pick you up from the station then you can hang around inside - tell them that Danny sent you and they will let you take photos.

A selection of school girl uniforms which I dug out from somewhere or other - which tickles your fancy?

Your fancy is tickled by which?

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