The end of Code Geass

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2008/07/11 15:50 JST In Anime
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Hijacked from Raine who discovers a scan that talks about the end of Code Geass.

How do you feel about your fave anime shows coming to an end? Do you wish they would go on forever like Naruto, One Piece etc or come to a proper end?
And what do you feel is a good length for an anime show? Many shows of late seem to have about 12 - is that too short?

Original text from Raine below.

Image irrelevant. but sauce is 4chan

As stated through this magazine scan Code Geass will end with the R2 season... We all saw it coming, but it's quite a shocker still ):

What will you miss the most about the series? And how do you think it will end?

For me, I will miss Lelouch ): and CC. Deep down I feel that the series will end just like Death Note did, but I really wish it wouldn't.

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