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Japanese Recipies

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2008/07/09 14:28 JST In Japan
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If you are looking for a decent recipe site for Japanese food then Open Source Food is probably what you are looking for - a place where you can find and upload your own recipes (for humans) of any kind and meet others who enjoy/make similar dishes.
As for me, things I make well are...
1. Engrish tea. Making decent tasting tea in Japan with soft water is tough. I need PG tips from the UK though.
2. Hot water. This one is easy.
3. Ham and cucumber sandwich. Another easy one.
4. Hot milk. 4 mins in the microwave.
5. Instant ramen. Stick an egg in to make it taste better.
I think that's about it ^^; Do you cook at all? If so what are your specialties?

Nearly forgot to mention that Open Source Food is built by one of my comrades Yong Fook who does a load of groovy stuff in the web2.0 community with me in Tokyo - he recently made it to Time magazine with this recipe site.



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