Haruna Ai

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2008/07/01 07:59 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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The amount of comments for this post goes to show you that you need an open mind if you are looking for lady love in Japan.
Her name is Haruna Ai but her former name used to be Kenji - Kenji is a boys name.

Haruna has had the operations necessary to transform "himself" into a complete woman. There are many "New halfs" on TV but me thinks Haruna is the cutest of the bunch and if nobody told me then I would have never known that she was previously a man.

Now that many of you admitted that shes cute, if you married Haruna only to be told after 10 years of happy marriage that she was formerly a man, would that change how you feel about her?

Haruna is most popular for her Air Ayaya performance below.

Haruna on a chat show below.

Sorry for the trap question - you know I like to get up to mischief from time to time ^^;
But I'm not the only one - Hangmen13 asked the other trap question yesterday ^^;

My original text below.

Simple question folks. What do you think of this girl? She's is a potential 3D mascot for one of my blogger comrades and he wants to know if she has that "mascot feel" to her.

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