Japan Rainy Season

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2013/06/06 10:00 JST In Japan
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The annual rainy season in Japan known as "Tsuyu" [梅雨] usually takes place in June and lasts for about a month. Its usually hot n muggy at the same time too.
While we did get a bout of rain when the season started, its been really dry with only 3.5 mm of rain so far. I'm sure we will eventually get our rainy season though as I'm eager to continue to test my new umbrella a wee bit more ^o^

Will post more details about the Mirai Suenaga Itagasa but for now you can get more info at Seasonal Plants.

Do you have rainy seasons in your neck of the woods too?

And here is the late-as-usual MoeCalendar wallpaper for this month which you can download from here for free.
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