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Wonder Festival 2006 Winter part 3

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2006/02/23 22:10 JST In Figure and Doll events
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It's time to feast your mince pies on the mecha/starwars goodies that were at the Wonder Festival. The event was so big that Gonzague and I were flat out after going through all the toys on the first floor and just ended up skimming through the second floor - thats what happens when you get old ToT.

Starting off with this mecha from Five Star Stories. I don't know anything about the series but the Mecha designs are mind boggling cool. They also look mind boggling fragile too.

King Gainer mecha from the series of the same name. This comes from Kaiyodo's lineup of Revoltech figures. Anime in the iPod for King Gainer coming soon...

Van from Gun Sword released soon by Max Factory.

I need help with this one - I think its from MazingerZ?

Godannar - the sword is absolutely huge!

Some Scopedogs from Votoms by Max Factory.

Jedi Star Fighter kit.

Obiwan and Anakin Jedi Star Fighters.

Darth Vader's Tie Fighter.

Fighter from Yukikaze.

Two HUGE wads of 10,000 yen and 5,000 yen notes. There's lots of money to be made in this business folks - the spending power of the Otaku beats the non Otaku hands down.

More from Five Star Stories.

Some more from Five Star Stories.

How about some more from Five Star Stories?

Some star fighter from some game.

Ikagura fighter from Hitekkai.

The R-Type fighter. One thing I really hate about R-type is that you loose *all* your weapons when you die - I can understand loosing one weapon per hit but loosing all is unforgivable.

For those who haven't tried R-Type yet - you can try out the quite accurate Flash version.

Don't know what this is but it looks cool.

Some nice bedroom lights...

Fine Molds Millennium Falcon.

Raou from Fist of the North Star.

Starwars mask magnets retailing for 420 each.

More Starwars masks. Forgot to mention that this is the Real Mask series.

Very detailed masks. Now if they only made them 1/1 scale and hollow so that you could actually wear them...

More from the Real Mask series.

Not sure if this is from any anime or film - but it looks good...

This looks good too...

Cant remember the name of the following 3 mechas. I'm sure they begin with a "H" though and are from a PS2 game?

Nope. No idea but it looks cool as usual.

Another "I-dont-know-the-name-of-this" mecha.

Another groovesome mecha from Shin Getter Robo.

Need more help for the next three...

The next 3 shots are Mecha made from paper. See what you can do with some Mc Donalds Fries paper cup?

Aha! A mecha I recognize - Macross Zero Valkyrie by Yamato. Yamato really took their time getting this out since they announced it last year.

Valkyrie doing its thang in Gerwalk mode.

VF-1A in military type colors. Due out in May from Yamato and retails at 15,540 yen.

1/2 scale Scopedog. If you've never seen a 1/1 scale Scopedog - you can see it here.

The imagination used to create these mechas from lego is just stunning. Pop along to Akihabara News to see a video clip of these and some other lego Mecha's

SEBURO C-X gun which you may or may not recognize from AppleSeed -see more shots at the makers page.

Another "I have no idea" Mecha.

Fatty from Votoms.

More Fatty - a cleaner version this time.

I've seen this mecha around but cant quite remember the name or the Anime series...

Koyobukiya's Clone Trooper.

Kotobukiya's Anakin.

Gunsword Van.

King Gainer.

More Scopedogs from Votoms.

And the last image is of a mecha from Five Star Stories...

I only ended up buying one figure which was about 1,200 yen - a Keroro Gunso. Didn't see any painted figures that I wanted. I did see painted kits on display that I *did* want but would have had to steal them and I haven't been stealing for ages. Huh? Erm, what am I saying?! J/K J/K
Anyway, the Cosplay part 4 is up next and then the finale "Directors Cut" / "Unpublished Photos" - I'll think of something cool to call it.


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