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Gundam Physalis

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2006/02/03 18:51 JST In Gundam
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Saw this on the shelf many moons ago in an age when I took absolutely no interest in Gundam - despite having been in Japan for 5 years at the time. My initial impressions were that the huge boosters on the shoulders just looked odd. But after watching the Stardust Memory series - my views on the design of this had totally changed - this has to be one of my favorite mecha designs. But then again, I think I say that about all the figures I have...
This is GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION #0008 Physalis which came out back in May 2005 - retailed for about 3,864 yen and can still be found in retail outlets here n there. The paint job is excellent, joints are articulate and if your little sister drops it, maybe one piece will fall off - unlike the new generation Fix Figurations where at least 6 parts will fall off.
The only complaints I have about this figure is that the shield is too heavy for Physalis to hold it - the shield has to rest on the ground. The napalm launcher joint on the back is also a bit iffy - but apart from that, this is a fine figure to fidget around with.


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