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Saiyuuki is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese tale Xi You Ji which tells a story of a monk traveling to India with a few companions. Last night Fuji TV aired the first in the series of the Saiyuuki drama which stars Shingo katori (SMAP) and Atsushi Itoh who we know best from Densha Otoko. Episode one started off slowly and the commercials-every-ten-minutes (literally) thing was appalling but the story picked up towards the end and will be on my to-watch list every week. For those who are looking out for a new drama to watch - this could be the one for you.
If you get your hands on this episode then you will also catch a few glimpses of Kaho too.
If you are an oldie like me, you may remember the dubbed TV series - I remember watching this when I was a wee young lad back in the UK and still remember that theme song - "Monkey Magic ooo!"
Above: The good ol Monkey
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