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Densha Trooper

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2006/01/09 02:02 JST In Tokyo Stormtrooper
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Well you have already seen the Densha Trooper video clip - here are the photos taken that day.
Had always wanted to do the trains for a while now but didn't quite have the time. Was invited to a christmas party in Yokohama and thought that I would just show up in armor - and this is how it went....

Strolling casually to the station. You notice that I dont attach the thermal detonator to the back - it kind of gets in the way when I sit down and I have not found a good way to attach it so that it doesn't fall off when trooping - so for now it stays off.

Buying a ticket at the station. Look up at the map and look to see where you want to go - then insert the amount of money shown under your destination. If you are not sure then just buy the cheapest ticket and pay the difference when you arrive at your destination.

I remember trying to do that when I was living in London - I got the cheapest ticket and wanted to pay the difference but instead ended up paying a poxy lousy 20 pound fine. London Underground - honestly - they will take every opportunity to take money from you and find every excuse. Every time I go back to the UK to see my folks, I find that ticket prices have doubled but the service seems to get worse.

People reacted in a coolsome manner to their fellow passenger the trooper as you saw in the video clip. But then there are people who dont really like seeing people do something different and find an excuse to moan like the chap at going on about how I am going to get into trouble yada yada - "er yes - I'm sorry and you are who's dad?"
No matter what you do in life, there will *always* be people who will dislike what you do - regardless of your intentions.

Trooper casually commuting on the train.

Trooper changing trains - vision is limited so walk slowly - especially up n down stairs. Dont try to be cool by not holding onto the bannister - you may fall and break your ribs, ankle and left wrist or worst - cracking the left shoulder armor.

Did I mention there was limited visibility through the helmet? You have to kind of lean your head to one side in order to see the ticket come out the slot. Dont lean too far as your helmet may fall off and shock any kids around who will say "huh? mum, there's a man inside!" Yep - have heard that a few times when I had to take the helmet off in public.

You will bump in to about 20 people who want to shake your hand - and not just kids. If anybody tries to talk to you, just knock on the side of your chin and pretend that you have a bad transmitter - should really try not to talk - can you imagine a stormtrooper with a cockney accent?

When you have nothing to do with your hands, rest them on your belt as you will see many troopers doing. best not to rest them on your waist cos you will look like a stormtrooper who cant afford a Darth vader outfit. And also better not to rest one hand on your crotch and the other on your head - you will probably get arrested.

Without the thermal detonator attached, you can just about sit down - but that also depends on how you cut the thigh pieces - if you didnt cut them, you would most probably have to endure the thigh pieces cutting into your flesh and you would also probably loose 5 pints of blood from the deep cuts around your crotch.

When you do "the pose", everybody will whip out their phones to call home and tell their mum "hey, there is a stormtrooper doing the pose" when they could be taking pictures instead.

I am not too sure what it is but many over here like pointy shoes like the lady on the right. I cant wait to give them more selection when I launch my own brand of shoes. Those pointy shoes get on my nut.

Changing trains....

Still need to make a ton of modifications to the armor - will probably pop over to Tokyu Hands this week to pick up some bits n bobs.

One of the better train shots.

I didnt realize until after my wife told be but the couple sitting behind me were feeling my bottom - I didnt know because the bottom is actually hard plastic. Well there is an idea I suppose - for the poor chap who wants his bottom to be felt - get on the train in armor.

Posing for the folks at the platform.

Did I mention kids love to shake your hands? Kids of these age haven't seen the original Starwars and just call you "Robot" instead.

I usually walk when there are escalators but when in armor, I try to be wise as taking the stairs is still a risk because you cant see down.

Lining up for tickets.

Outside Yokohama station. I dont mind too much when the ladies come over to touch but you will also get greasy smelly men like this one (joke) touching you to see what you are made of.

60 seconds is enough to create a mob of folks pointing their phones, cameras and sticks at you.

Then people get bored and walk away to let the new mob come along.

More mobs gathered to see the stormtrooper or "Robot".

Folks over here seem to love the trooper-at-the-phone-booth thing. Be a good sport and do it for them.

The final pic for this session. Next will either be....
1. Trooper takes helicopter ride.
2. Trooper gets arrested for possession of unlicensed Kenner toy blaster.
3. Trooper goes to Tsukiji Fish market.
4. Trooper goes skiiing in Naeba.
Until the next time - may the source be with you (as programmers who are Starwars fans occasionally say to each other)


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