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Pet Sweat

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2008/06/02 08:21 JST In Japan
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Hijacked from member BandAid.
Yes its true - you can buy bottles of pet sweat at for 180 yen per bottle.
Just like the sports drink Pocari Sweat, its designed for pets who like to work out. Do they sell these sweat drinks in your region?
CM with Haruka Ayase below.

Original text from Bandaid below.
Pet Sweat. Sounds great right? Absolutely no idea what it is exactly, but obviously to english native speakers like myself, I can only imagine a bunch of animals on a treadmill somewhere running, and a funnel beneath them collecting sweat.

One problem with that, most animals don't have sweat glands in the sense of like humans.

So question is, would you drink it? :P

I should note, according to the page where this was found Pet Sweat source that someone thinks it may be an alternative to Pocari sweat which sounds reasonable, as Danny once briefly mentioned it.


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