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Densha Trooper

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2005/12/30 18:12 JST In Tokyo Stormtrooper
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#v#densha_trooper.jpg#v#This clip is also available at Google Video - use that instead if the playback is slow...
Stormtrooper armor can be a bad thing to have around because you want to wear it all the time and if you dont you get restless! I had one of those restless days and decided that it was time to hit the trains. This is the longest clip I have had on the site so far at 13 mins - on and off the trains to and from Yokohama.
And if you are wondering - the station and train folks didnt bother me because I just pointed my blaster at them - no seriously - my tactic was to put my blaster away when I saw a member of staff and try to mingle in the crowds and act like normal...
The photos will come in a few days too so keep yer mince pies peeled.


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