Happy Chinese New Year 2016!

On Sat 2016/02/06 00:26 JST In Misc
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新年好!恭喜發財!새해 복 많이 받으세요!
Happy Chinese New Year to all those who celebrate!

Its that time of year again for the Chinese, Koreans and anybody else who celebrates the new lunar year.

Being brought up in the UK and then living for Japan for 17 years, one does not really feel the atmosphere of what folks are celebrating back in their homelands. For us in Japan it's just another day and I will be running the new Smart Doll Workshop that we started last weekend where folks get to make their own Smart Doll.

What are you doing this weekend and over the CNY holidays? Did you get a ton of those red packets? If so tell us how much so we can all be jealous or smirk.

I had an employee complain that my wife and I didn't give them a red packet once...
Are you the one giving or receiving the red packets?

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