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Culture Japan Night Penang 2015

On Wed 2015/12/23 16:47 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Remember CJ Night in Penang a few years ago? Well we will be having another one this Sunday 27th December at the same place which is now called "Chapel Hall, St. Jo's Level 2 at Gurney Paragon Mall."

We start at 10AM and finish around 4PM. Entry is free. I will also be giving a talk and spending time to catch up with comrades. Some folks want me to deface their property (by writing on it) or taking photos - also can.

I will be there with some of my team and a bunch of Touch n Go, Mirai Tees, Posters, Smart Dolls and other bits n bobs such as Moekana and Moekanji.

Feel free to come and cosplay with like minded folks or if you are a doujin artist then contact Jason at [jasonsim at] who will arrange one for you for free to sell your non-adult goodies.

This year I could not get a venue in KL and also had a lot on my plate but the stars aligned - not only did I manage to get through a load of meetings and factory visits freeing up my time - Penang Global Tourism and Gurney Paragon Mall joined awakened forces to provide this most awesome venue ^o^

We will be bringing the 2015 collection of Mirai & Friends TnG. None of these are charged with any credit (not my fault).

And here are the goodies ^o^

My daily apparel will also bring. Not the smelly sweaty ones that I wore but brand new spanking tees featuring our CJ girls.

Posters n Moekana n Moekanji.

We will being a very limited number of Smart Doll too. You can reserve yours now by mailing [support at smart]. Cash also can but if you want to bank transfer then you need to transfer before Sunday - just mail us and we will sort you out.

We will also bring a display of Smart Dolls too.

That's it for now - will leave you with a few photos from last time as I tie up some ends before I leave for Penang. See you soon!

Datuk Jimmy Choo will also be there too ^o^


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