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3D Printed Glasses

On Thu 2015/11/26 23:10 JST In Smart Doll
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Mirai and I with our newly printed 3D glasses - a pair look for humans and Smart Dolls.

There are a few reasons why I decided to start making glasses.

1. I had to make glasses for my Smart Dolls so thought it would make sense to start off with human size and scale down removing what was not necessary for the 1/3 scale Smart Doll.

2. I was fed up of the lack of selection of glasses frames on the market that suited my tastes.
Also, I was not happy with the current implementation of how a person who wears glasses would wear sunglasses without having to have a separate prescription pair. The third party clip on ones look terrible.

3. We already design apparel for Smart Doll so I thought it made sense to develop accessories too such as glasses.

4. Because we can.

This is the ATOM printer - the Mirai Version which we are planning to release with ATOM.

We use the ATOM for all Smart Doll development and masters - and now for our line of glasses too.

The design is a bit rough around the edges but not too shabby for a first attempt.
Next step is to finalize the design, make the injection molds and release to market. The glasses you see in the photo is just a prototype and the design will change quite a bit.

The Smart Doll glasses are designed to fit the slender sculpt of the Smart Doll head and probably won't fit wider and rounder heads which are common for other soft vinyl doll products.
I need to take into account a way to have the rest on the head without scratching the face of the dolls.

More trial and error to come but I want your feedback about what your ideal pair of glasses is and what gets on your nut about the pair you are wearing.

Do you wear glasses on a regular basis?

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