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Eiji Seiun Mold 2 Faceup Tests

On Mon 2015/10/05 22:31 JST In Smart Doll
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The latest and greatest faceup design for Eiji Seiun - I like this one the best. The wig is near final and so is the eye design.
Whats eft to be done is:-
#shoe lasts > last mass production > shoe design > shoe mass production
#Faceup duplication > electroplating > paint mask creation
#Eye color pallet tweaks > acrylic light bending tests > mass production
#T-shirt, jean, boxer shorts, socks design finalise > mass production
#Re-factor hand data > 3D print > wax duplication > electro-molding > mass production
#Wig sample too and throwing > finalize > mass production

There is a photo of Eiji wearing a pair of glasses but that is from Obitsu. To include glasses will delay launch and I want to release Eiji on December 24th which is his birthday.
We are not in the business of doing limited editions (short term thinking) so Eiji will always be available (long term thinking).

Eiji will be available online at and at our Tokyo store. Our official retailers will have him in stock too.


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