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Smart Doll Harmony

On Mon 2016/07/18 00:42 JST In Smart Doll
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Smart Doll Harmony - available now.
Harmony is the 3rd skin tone that I've added to Smart Doll Land which I call Cocoa - the other tones are Milk and Tea.

After creating Ebony, I didn't want to create just a browner variation so I went for an African skin tone. The first version I made was dark but was difficult to paint on so I made her lighter and the result is Harmony who was released on the 4th July 2016. Harmony has been doing well since her release especially in America.

The rest of the post is a gallery of Harmony photos which I will add more of soon but I wanted to congratulate Darius Potts for being the first ever owner of Harmony - he picked up two at Anime Expo.

Harmony in Moekana form illustrated by Ikkyuu-sensei - expect to see her around.

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