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SONY X Smart Doll

On Sat 2015/08/29 23:48 JST In Smart Doll
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I'm currently in Taipei right now and have a series of good news starting with a collaboration between Sony and Smart Doll ^o^

Syntrend is a new mall that opened very recently in Taipei - it's a stylish lifestyle-type mall that has been designed to cater for all ages through its snazzy look and feel. Syntrend is known as 三創數位生活園區 in Chinese and can be located at the following address.

Once inside Syntrend, head to the 3rd floor and look for the Sony Camera store - right at the entrance you will see a cutie blonde girl sitting on a bench.

Sony have decided that they needed a model for folks to test their series of cameras on - makes complete sense to me.
They also decided that the model should be none other than a product that I design and manufacture called Smart Doll - namely Smart Doll 002 Kizuna Yumeno - this also makes complete sense to me too ^^;

As a Sony A7II user, this makes me double happy.

With the aid of Kizuna, folks are able to test out the various lenses that are dotted around the table.

Within the Sony store there is also a gallery...

...which also features Smart Doll Kizuna.

My vision for Smart Doll is to go beyond what was once a niche market and create a market of fashion doll for the masses. By having Kizuna at the Sony store, our product is exposed to a much wider audience - many of whom have not seen such a product.

Following the US, Taiwan is now the second largest market for Smart Doll which is also thanks to our local distributor Cotin Doll and the events that we have been attending like Fancy Frontier.

Kizuna so cute!

Folks who are interested in ordering Kizuna can do so now at the Culture Japan Online store - we usually ship within 1 - 4 days.

If you are in the area do drop by and say hello to Kizuna.



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