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On Wed 2015/07/29 23:07 JST In Smart Doll
 3187277 ja zh

We wont be taking any OBON hols this year - well we actually will but take it in turns so that we can keep the store open.
Having said that, the 11th of Aug is a public holiday and we will be closed that day.
Sunday business days will be the 13th and 27th of August (its usually the 2nd and 4th Sunday)

MON - FRI 1000 - 1300 / 1400 - 1800
Second and fourth Sundays of the month 1100 - 1600

Please avoid 1300 - 1400 which is when we feed the smart dolls.



Map/地図 >

Nearest station is Gotanda on the JR line or Ikegami line. Use the link below for directions. If you got no Internets, save a map in your mobile by typing in your google maps "OK MAPS" and it will cache a map of the area - as long as you got GPS you will find it.

Folks should not send anything to the above address as the security guards dispose of any item that we do not register as being expected.
Folks should not leave donuts on the doorstep (like folks have done before) or linger about expecting jobs to be handed to them (like folks have done before) ;-;

support at (even for non Smart Doll related questions)

Cash, Visa, Master or a stash of jewels (like the ones in those in-app purchases)

If you are spending more than 10,000 JPY in the store then bring your passport to qualify for TAX FREE - this means we don't charge you the 8% consumption tax. You cant get tax free for the workshop as that is carried out in Japan.

Here you can pickup any of our Smart Dolls - no need to call for availability because I always make sure there is stock of our flagship dolls.
You can also pick up apparel & accessories too for Smart Doll. If you can't come to the store then you can order online at

We do workshops too - make your own Smart Doll and because we don't have to make it for you then you get it for cheaper!

You are free to take photos and video inside Mirai Store Tokyo and are under no obligation to buy anything. If you want to meet me just ask the staff if I'm in.

If you want to check out Smart Doll in person just ask a staff member who will give you one to play with. The apparel development area is actually in the back yard of the store - even if the staff look busy just call out to them for help.

We also display prototypes in the store and depending on customer feedback, we release them as a product.

We also do workshops where you make your own Smart Doll - 37K is the price - watch the video before you come. We can't do tax free on the workshop as its carried out in Japan. Workshop folks also get 10% off all apparel and accessory items too but as that is part of the workshop, we can't do tax free on that either.

This is our office building. We currently occupy the first and second floor. Do not go up to the second floor as security guards will shoot on sight if you don't carry the Quantum Dongle (no joke).

Folks from all over the world visit Mirai Store - if they can make it without getting lost then so can you!

Mirai Store gets a lot of news coverage - here the CBS crew are covering Mirai Smart Doll.

When you come into the main entrance you will see the black door to the shop - press the bell and prepare to take your shoes off inside the shop. When in Japan, some establishments will ask you to remove shoes so best not to wear moccasins which you need to spend 20 years tying up.

Folks should note that they will be safe and happy with our cloud camera streaming system which starts to stream to YouTube and Nico Nico during disastrous events.

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