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Kanda Matsuri

On Sat 2015/05/16 16:54 JST In Japanese Culture
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If you like anime and traditional Japanese culture then you may want to stick the Kanda Matsuri (Kanda Festival) on your radar from now on.

The Kanda Matsuri [神田祭] is one of the 3 largest festivals in Japan that take place on the Saturday and Sunday closest to and before the 15th of May.

Held since the 17th century to celebrate the victory of Tokugawa Ieyasu's victory at the battle of Sekigahara, the festival continues today accompanied by many Omikoshi and a legion of folks who take turns to carry the Omikoshi and generally cheer on the proceedings.

These photos are taken last weekend at Akihabara and Kanda Shrine - all uploaded in the usual HD 1920 x 1080px.

Didn't manage to get videos but this one up on the Tubes captures some of the atmosphere.


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