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Tokyo Photo Walk 2015/01

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2015/01/08 19:46 JST In Tokyo Photo Walk
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Time for a photowalk around my neck of the woods in Tokyo with the usual compact Sony RX100 M3.
The next photo walk will hopefully be shot with a spanking new Sony A7 ^^ I'm still confused as to which one I should get. The A7S is excellent in low light but the resolution is not good enough for print.
The A7R as a high resolution but I hear that the noise handling is not great. The new A7 II has stabilization that I don't really need but the body seems to be an improvement on the previous design. First world problems eh? ^^

Anyway, I mentioned it in a post before but I realize from feedback from many of you that the HD template takes ages to load. I am in the middle of a website redesign and will be providing a low res template for you to choose from. I will also bring back the PDF posts for you to download too.

At the moment, most of the photos are served up from Flickr's CDN - some of their servers are fast and some are slow which is why images don't load in order making the first load experience not so great - this is usually remedied by opening the page and then going to grab a cuppa tea - or in the case of a student I spoke to - grab a nap and come back ^^

Where do you view this site from most? Home? School? Mobile?
Let me know what sort of loading problems you have for this site and I will try to fix them.

Where do you view this site from most?


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