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Malaysia Tourism Mascot

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2014/12/19 16:19 JST In Mascot
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Congrats to Mirai Suenaga - following on from being an official mascot for Japan Tourism, she now becomes an official mascot for Malaysia Tourism ^o^

The first project that Malaysia Tourism and I worked on is a map which features some of the main attractions in the capital Kuala Lumpur.

The map is not supposed to be a detailed like Google Maps but to serve as an overview of what a visitor can checkout while they are in town.

I worked with the Japan Tourism office on this project to increase the amount of Japanese inbound folks to Malaysia. So far the map has been distributed at tourism and travel events that the Malaysia Tourism office attends.

This is the other side of the map - Moekana illustrations by Ikkyuu-sensei and key image by Shirahane Nao (DMYO) sensei.

Mirai seems to be happy with her latest government work.

So far Mirai has become an official mascot for Japan Tourism and now Malaysia Tourism but she is eager to work with more governments around the world ><


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