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AFA 2014 Day 0

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2014/12/04 23:34 JST In Anime Events
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Its that time of the year when the biggest anime/pop culture/anisong mega event takes place - Anime Festival Asia opens tomorrow to the public!
Taking place at the Suntec Singapore Convention Center from the 5th - 7th December, AFA is your one stop venue for everything Japanese Pop Culture.

Today was Day 0 when everything is setup and a load of industry folks gather for some mingling.

I was setting up booth with my team and at the B2B event doing some MC'ing.
From Friday I will be at my booth at opening time and then either on Main Stage, Mini Stage or HoriPro Stage for MC'ing with Yoshimi, Reiko and Yoshida-san.

These photos taken today - mostly of the Culture Japan booth and some of the venue, B2B shenanigans and some taken here n there.

If you are not sure what we have on sale check out this post. We will be selling very limited number of our flagship product Smart Doll - a 60cm tall fashion doll which you can read about here.

I still need to setup some stuff before hitting the sack so will leave you with the traditional wall of photos.

See you tomorrow!

This taken back in Japan before we left - get your Kizuna at our booth!

Will also have Mirai-chan at our booth waiting for you to take her home!

Folks who can't make AFA - just reserve yours at


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