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Halloween Anime

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2014/10/23 09:40 JST In Mascot
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Nope - not a post on the current season of anime but I could not think of a better title for this post ^o^
Tis that time of year when folks get dressed up as spooky ghouls n ghosts n witches and wot not. Looks like Mirai and the gang are up to some Halloween shenanigans too.

I've uploaded the 3000px x 3000px high res original images to Flickr (PNG with transparency) for you to make cards, cutouts, stickers, T-shirts etc for the festive season - use them as you wish but for non-commercial reasons please ><

If you do make cool stuff then upload photos of it with the hashtag #MiraiSuenaga so that we can add them to the Mirai Suenaga Fanart pool.

Our Culture Japan (Mirai Millenium) characters illustrated by Ikkyuu-sensei.

Mirai Suenaga as a Majo (Witch). PNG with transparency at Flickr - just remember to find the menu button which lets you download the original high res.

Haruka Suenaga as the witches assistant. PNG here.

Kanata Hoshikawa as a little saucy devil girl. PNG here.

Eiji Seiun as Dracula. PNG here.
The pumpkin and shadow is also in a separate layer too.

If you make cool stuff then drop a photo of it in the comments and I'll stick it in this post ^^
Happy Halloween!

Updated post with two photos - the first one sent in by Shirley from Indonesia of Mirai Nendoroid getting up to some Halloween shenanigans with Retrokyu.

Two girls showed up today saying "trick or treat." We said "treat" and gave them sweeties but asked "what if we said trick?" and they said "wakaranai" (I don't know) ^^


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