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Mid-Autumn Festival

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2014/09/08 22:06 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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To all folks out there who celebrate - happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Here we have Mirai and Kizuna Smart Doll celebrating by om nomming on some Mooncakes.

Got these Smart Doll sized Mooncakes from Hong Kong.

While taking these photos I completely forgot to take photos of the human sized ones we got in the office ><

My girls love some Vitasoy with their Mooncake.

This is the near production ready version of Kizuna - the eyes and makeup color may change slightly.

Some folks said they prefered the first version of Kizuna - this *is* actually the first version ^^;
I wont take pre-orders until I can show you the production ready product to set expectations for all.

Some more Chinese noms to go along with the Mooncakes.


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