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CJ Night London

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2014/05/21 18:25 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Better late than never - photos taken at CJ Night London that took place on the 5th of May 2014.
Thanks to the Japan Foundation London Office for the use of their meeting room! The Japan Foundation is a Japan government body which helps local folks learn more about Japanese culture and language. They have a library where you can check out what Japanese learning books they have and other info too - check their website for opening hours.

And thanks to everybody who came along! If you see yourself in any of these photos then tag yourself and keep in touch. Hope to see you back in the UK again soon - I already miss my Custard Creams ><

For folks who are not familiar with Culture Japan Night (CJ Night) - its a place where like minded folks who are interested in Japan or Mirai Suenaga can gather together and mingle to broaden their network.

I usually hold CJ Night in countries that I visit (and where time permits) - I usually announce these on my Twitter or Instagram so keep your mince pies open and do come along if you are free.

Check out coverage of the previous CJ Nights held up until now.


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