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Japan Cherry Blossom

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2014/04/12 16:40 JST In Places to visit in Japan
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Tis nearing the end of the cherry blossom (Sakura) season in Japan right now and here are a collection of this years bloom. Today we take a lookie around Nakameguro, Ueno Park, Negishi Forest Park (Yokohama) and Musashikoyama.

Cherry blossoms in Japan only last a couple of weeks. Folks usually flock to spend time walking and talking under the blossoms - this is known as Hanami [花見].

The blossoms are beautiful to look at - especially at night when they are lit up. but as they say, "All good things come to an end" and before we know it the ground is scattered with petals and its all over ready for the rainy season.

During Hanami, many folks like to take a stroll which is why there will conveniently be a load of stalls out to sell nibbles.

The cherry blossoms in Negishi Forest Park in Yokohama are lovely - lovely views with no tall buildings around.

And more Sakura photo posts below taken in other locations around Japan.

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