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Asian Air x Mirai Airlines

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2014/04/01 02:01 JST In Mascot
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Two years ago today, I concocted an April Fool where Mirai was to have her own Airlines. Two years on, I'm delighted to announce that just like all previous April Fools - it has become a reality!

This is Captain Yoshi Kubo - a pilot for a new airline called Asian Air. He is also the CEO of a TV station in Thailand called Japan TV. We got hooked up together through my work for the Japanese government.

After seeing the Mirai Airlines post, Yoshi-san approached me and wondered if we could work together on a collaboration.

The shape of Mirai's hairpin is an "X" and in Japan that means "collaboration" - Mirai was born to collaborate with organizations around the world to help spread Japanese culture - the answer was obviously "you bet!"

Our collaboration has already been announced on the official Asian Air facebook and website.

Just like the ANA x Pokemon collaboration, we decided to go with the Moekana style illustrations by Ikkyuu-sensei as we feel they appeal to a wider audience.

And here is what the bishojo (bishonen for Eiji-kun) versions look like ^o^
These versions will be used in the branding too.

Here is Mirai in the current Asian Air uniform but now that Culture Japan is involved, we will be contributing to the branding of the airline in terms of corporate look and feel and content.
The inflight videos will feature Mirai Suenaga and friends as will the inflight entertainment.

We will also have exclusive Mirai Suenaga merchandise on sale too.

The Mirai Experience will start this June and our initial flights will be between Bangkok, Tokyo, Osaka and Sapporo but as we grow the company together, we will extend our routes worldwide.

If there are any niggling things about current airlines then please do let me know so that I can tailor the perfect inflight experience for you!

And its not just the air but on the ground too where Mirai will be doing her best to help spread japanese culture in our new GT race team - more details here!

Speaking of the ground - more mirai wrapped buses soon! This one in Penang, Malaysia.


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