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Tony Taka Mirai Suenaga

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2014/04/01 02:02 JST In Mascot
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Up until now, many popular artists have illustrated our Mirai Suenaga and today I'm absolutely delighted to announce that Tony Taka-sensei has taken time out to doodle our Mirai-chan as announced on his official Twitter account ^o^

This is the first rough - will be tweaking this together with Tony-sensei and finishing off with full CG coloring. Sensei will also be drawing Mirai's various uniforms on different layers - and yes B'day suit too ^o^

I've got quite a few cast-off figures and don't mind Mirai-chan being cast off too - its not much different than Smart Doll which is also nekkid by default.

Do you oppose the Tony Ver Mirai scale figure being cast-off enabled?

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Snapped together with Tony-sensei at the most recent Wonder Festival. I cant quite remember how I got hooked up with him but I think it was through mutual friends at Sega when I was working on Mikunopolis.
I'd love to bring Tony to events outside of Japan - where should I try to bring him first?

What event would you like to see Tony-sensei at?

I think you can guess why I'm showing you my Tony figures - yep! Tony-sensei's illustration of Mirai will be made into a scale figure by Max Factory!

It was actually announced about two years ago at Anime Festival Asia that Max Factory wanted to make a scale figure of Mirai - it was just a matter of getting onto Tony-sensei's 2 year waiting list ^^;

Together with the Good Smile and Max Factory folks at a previous Wonhobby broadcast. the chap with the yellow Tee is the Max Factory boss Max Watanabe (see his retweet of this post) . Aki-san was making fun of the naming "Max Factory" saying that Max was so blatant sticking his own name in the company name ^^

Anyway, Tony-sensei is going to clean up the rough and then Max factory will start to work on the sculpting. I'll document the process too. Will take quite a few months just for the sculpt but Mirai Tony Ver should go up for pre-order sometime late this year after the Decoration master is done.

Tony-sensei added to the pool of other sensei who have doodled our Mirai ^o^


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