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Skytube Nozomi Watase

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2014/03/27 21:49 JST In Figures
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There are times when one just has to review an ecchi figure but what happens when the figure in question has a rather high ecchi level?
The answer is plants.

Today we take a lookie at an up n coming figure by Figure maker Skytube of a sweetie by the name of Nozomi Watase illustrated by Tony Taka-sensei.

By default, Nozomi is not wearing much at all - some folks will disapprove despite her sculpt not being much different than the large amount of nekkid sculpts out on display in public.
Before we have a further discussion about nekkidness in public in a separate post, today we call the help of plant-kun to help out.

More details about Nozomi listed up below.

  • Product Name: "Shinsho Genmukan" Nozomi Watase (more details at Skytube)
  • Series: Shinsho Genmukan
  • Scale: 1/6
  • Material: PVC
  • Height: Around 13.5cm
  • Spec: Painted - castoffable apron and pantsu
  • Sculptor: EGG
  • Illustrator: Tony Taka
  • Release Date: July 2014
  • Retail Price: 10,800 yen

Photos recently taken at the Skytube offices in Akihabara.

Very cute expression - would love to have a Tony-sensei figure of Mirai ^^

This figure of Nozomi on your want list?

Nozomi can also be displayed without the stand and looks great by the computer.

Removable apron too ^^
If you're interested in getting your grubby mitts on Nozomi, check out the trusted online retailers below.

Also took a few snaps of Skytube's other up n coming figure Kamishiro Kotone. More details below.

  • Product Name: "Oyakorankan" Kamishiro Kotone (more details at Skytube)
  • Series: Oyakorankan
  • Scale: 1/7
  • Material: PVC
  • Height: Around 13.5cm
  • Spec: Painted - castoffable bra and pantsu
  • Sculptor: 2%
  • Illustrator: MIN-NARAKEN
  • Release Date: August 2014
  • Retail Price: 12,800 yen

If interested, you can try tracking her down on one of the same trusted online retailers mentioned above.


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