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Hobby Maker Show Winter 2014 GSC

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2014/02/22 21:46 JST In Figure and Doll events
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Hobby Maker Show is an event held twice a year hosted by Good Smile Company where figure manufacturers, retailers and anime/game industry folks gather to check out the latest n greatest in the figure and hobby world.

This year's Hobby Maker Show was held at Akihabara UDX on Valentine's Day and was also our first time attending as an exhibitor - will talk more about our booth in a separate post.
This post covers upcoming figures by Good Smile Company.

More Wonfes posts listed up below.

Starting with my fave of the bunch - how many of you playing God Eater 2?

This Miku figure on your want list?

How many of you playing Kancolle?
You may want something to stick beside your computer while you play.

Shimakaze is my fave which goes to show you that I dont always go for the girls with big eyes ^^;

Avalanche of Kancolle figures soon!

How many male figures do you have in your collection?

Panty or Stocking?

Girls or Panzer?

Yagami Tsurugi cuuuute!

Figma Thor and Ironman - want!

An example of how clothing physics work in the anime world.

Very cute Infinite Stratos Houki Shinonono figure.



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