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Seijin Shiki 2014

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2014/01/15 19:50 JST In Japanese Culture
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It was that time of year again where folks who have just become 20 hit the streets to celebrate - and they do so in traditional style wearing kimono or hakama - but then some prefer to do it Western style and wear a suit instead.

Folks who have just turned 20 are called Shinseijin [新成人] and can legally do all the things that they had already been doing for the past few years.

As with previous years, we go to Shibuya to take a look at the festivities that went on - especially around Shibuya Koukaidou which was previously known as C.C Lemon Hall.

Check out the links below for more Seijin Shiki shenanigans:


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