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CF13 Culture Japan Booth

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2014/01/03 13:00 JST In Culture Japan Booth
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You've seen the booth setup and here are the photos taken during operation hours at Comic Fiesta 2013. It was such an awesome time!

First up, an overview of the exclusive merchandise available at CF13.

Introducing to you our Comic Fiesta Crimson Force. For each region we setup booth, we form a local Crimson Force unit who help with many aspects of setting up booth including the production of posters, bags, T-shirts and stuff like logistics, equipment procurement etc.

Members are either friend of friends or who have been identified as being trustworthy through their participation from commenting on this site and through attending CJ Night.

Responsibilities include managing till, queues, crowds, corporate imaging (photos & video), security and so on. If you are interested in helping in any of our up n coming regions then leave note in the other post!

Before I leave you with the usual wall of photos, I would like to thank everybody who dropped by the booth!
The queues snaked inside and around the back of the booth 5 times before going back down the wall - it was a long queue but I think it was managed better this time. Sorry to keep you all waiting for so long ><

If you came by our booth and have any specific feedback good or bad then just leave a note below.


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