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AFA 13 Culture Japan Booth

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2013/11/17 21:12 JST In Culture Japan Booth
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Anime Festival Asia heads back to homeland in Singapore - AFA13 had yet another incredible turnout - more content, more guests and for the Culture Japan booth - more upgrades.

Our first sales booth was actually this time last year at AFA12 - since then we have set up store at various anime events around the world and have been learning and gaining experience as we go along.

At each event we do things like study the flow of people, see how long it takes to process 1 transaction, how long it takes to set up, how the layout and graphics in the booth convert new customers etc etc - we learn from mistakes & successes and implement improvements in the next booth.

The layout of our AFA13 booth has been the most optimal so far which took a minimal amount of time to setup. We included a screen at the top and used a Short Throw Projector to show some Smart Doll ads - videos ran on a small android device.
The screen was a wee bit washed out due to the hall lighting but we think we may have a solution which we will be implementing at Comic Fiesta in Malaysia next month.

Here's the merchandise that was available last week.

Our Culture Japan Singapore team!

And this is what we get when we arrive - a shell scheme built to our specifications - we then decorate and fill up the stocks.

Setting up is always fun. We find team members in each region mainly from those who regularly comment on this site - its easy to build trust with folks who have been part of the community.
If you are interested in helping out in future events then let me know!

Oh - and the new orange T-shirt that Mirai-chan is wearing is made by

Going to leave you with a wall of photos taken around our booth. Thanks to everybody who dropped by ^o^

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