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MoeManga 00D: Eiji Seiun

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2013/11/25 20:52 JST In MoeManga
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*Eiji is often also referred to as Eiji-kun, where "-kun" is a suffix which expresses that the speaker finds the person endearing.

MoeManga Japanese Learning

Here are some of the keywords you may want to remember for your Japanese studies.


同じ [おなじ (onaji)] - same/similar.


高校 [こうこう (koukou)] - short for "高等学校" [こうとうがっこう (koutou gakkou)] which means "high school".


三年生 [さんねんせい (sannen-sei)] - third grade student. In Japanese high school, seniors are called third grade students.


天才 [てんさい (tensai)] - genius/gifted.


メカニック [めかにっく (meka nikku)] - the mechanic.


どんなに~でも [don nani ~ demo] - no matter what/how. "Don na" is usually followed by an adjective or verb. "Demo" may change to "temo" depending on the adjective or verb that comes before it.

  • どんなに好きでも [どんなにすきでも (don nani suki demo)] - no matter how much you love it/her/him.
  • どんなに辛くても [どんなにつらくても (don nani tsuraku temo)] - no matter how painful.
  • どんなに面白くても [どんなにおもしろくても (don nani omoshiroku temo)] - no matter how interesting/funny.


仕事 [しごと (shigoto)] - work/occupation/business.


大変 [たいへん (tai hen)] - difficult. You can also add "大変" in front of an adjective to emphasize the situation.

  • 大変厳しい [たいへんきびしい (taihen kibishii)] - extremely strict.
  • 大変喜ばしい [たいへんよろこばしい (taihen yorokobashii)] - delightful.


楽観的 [らっかんてき (rakkann-teki)] - optimistic. Its antonym "pessimistic" is "悲観的" [ひかんてき (hikan-teki)].


こなす [konasu] - to overcome/finish/to have a good command of something.


オタク [おたく (otaku)] - otaku/geek/nerd/enthusiast.

度 [ど (do)] - level/strength/temperature.

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