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MoeManga 00C: Kanata Hoshikawa

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2013/11/19 16:28 JST In MoeManga
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*Kanata is often also referred to as Kanata-chan, where "-chan" is a suffix which expresses that the speaker finds the person endearing.

MoeManga Japanese Learning

Here are some of the keywords you may want to remember for your Japanese studies.


ひとつ上 [ひとつうえ (hitotsu-ue)] - someone who is 1 year older. When you break it down, "ひとつ" means "one" and "上" means up/above. Often used when describing the person's age. When referring to someone younger, you would change "上" [うえ (ue)] to "下" [した(shita)].

  • みっつ上 [みっつうえ (mittsu-ue)] - someone who is 3 years older.
  • ひとつ下 [ひとつした (hitotsu-shita)] - someone who is 1 year younger.


先輩 [せんぱい (senpai)] - a senior or a superior at work or school. When calling someone who is your senpai, you would add "~先輩" at the end of their name. A junior on the other hand is called "後輩" [こうはい (kouhai)].

  • かなた先輩 [かなたせんぱい (Kanata-senpai)] - senior Kanata.


報道部 [ほうどうぶ (houdou-bu)] - the news club. When you break it down, "報道" means "news/press/coverage" and "~部" means "club/department/section.

  • 軽音部 [けいおんぶ (keion-bu)] - light music club.
  • 剣道部 [けんどうぶ (kendou-bu)] - kendou club.


ディレクター [でぃれくたー (direcutar)] - the director.


担当 [たんとう (tanntou)] - the manager.


厳しく [きびしく (kibishiku)] - to be strict/severe. The plain adjective is 厳しい [きびしい(kibishii)].


指導 [しどう (shidou)] - to advise/coach/lead/guide.


心優しい一面 [こころ やさしい いちめん (kokoro yasashii ichimen)] - a kind or compassionate side. This is a compound word made up by the following three words:

  • 心 [こころ (kokoro)] - heart.
  • 優しい [やさしい (yasashii)] - kind/generous.
  • 一面 [いちめん (ichimen)] - side/aspect.


知っている [しっている (shitteiru)] - to know/understand/realize. The plain verb is 知る [しる (shiru)].

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