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MoeManga 00B: Haruka Suenaga

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2013/11/05 18:42 JST In MoeManga
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*Haruka is often also referred to as Haruka-chan, where "-chan" is a suffix which expresses that the speaker finds the person endearing.

MoeManga Japanese Learning

Here are some of the keywords you may want to remember for your Japanese studies.

妹 [いもうと (imouto)] - younger sister. When referring to sisters, you would write it out as "~姉妹".


彼女 [かのじょ (kanojo)] - she/her. It can also refer to one's girlfriend.


責任感 [せきにんかん (sekininnkan)] - a sense of responsibility. "責任" means "responsible" and "~感" means "a sense of". "~感" can be mixed with wide varieties of kanji to express feeling or emotion.

  • 義務感 [ぎむかん (gimukan)] - a sense of duty.
  • 焦燥感 [しょうそうかん (shousoukan)] - restlessness.
  • 親近感 [しんきんかん (shinkinkan)] - a familiarity or affinity.


強く [つよく (tsuyoku)] - to be strong. Note that the kanji can have a different meaning when used with a different kana suffixes (送り仮名 okurigana). The plain adjective is 強い [つよい (tsuyoi)].

  • 強める [つよめる (tsuyomeru)] - to increase/emphasize.
  • 強いる [しいる (shiiru)] - to enforce/insist.


成績 [せいせき (seiseki)] - grades/performance/result.


優等生 [ゆうとうせい (yuutousei)] - an honor-roll student. The antonym for "優等生" is "劣等生" [れっとうせい (rettousei)].


電子工作 [でんしこうさく (denshi kousaku)] - electronics or electric work. "電子" means electrical and "工作" means arts & crafts.


得意 [とくい (tokui)] - to be skilled or gifted in a particular field. "得意" is also used when someone talks or behaves in a prideful manner. It may also refer to customers or clients when used with "お~" or "~先".

  • 得意分野 [とくいぶんや (tokuibunya)] - one's field of expertise.
  • 得意がる [とくいがる (tokuigaru)] - to boast about something.
  • 得意先 [とくいさき (tokuisaki)] - a client or a customer. Usually refers to a regular customer who frequently buys product/service from you.


だが [daga] - a sentence connector that means "but", "however" or "nevertheless".


的外れ [まとはずれ (matohazure)] - to be off track/point. "的" means "target" and "外れ" means to "miss".


行動 [こうどう (koudou)] - action/behavior.


多い [おおい (ooi)] - to be in abundance.


いたずらっ子 [いたずらっこ (itazurakko)] - a prankster. When you break it down, "いたずら" means "prank/mischief" and "~子" means child. "~子" can also be mixed with different kanji to create a new meaning.

  • 江戸っ子 [えどっこ (edokko)] - a true-born Tokyoite.
  • 駄々っ子 [だだっこ (dadakko)] - a spoiled brat.
  • ぶりっ子 [ぶりっこ (burikko)] - a girl trying to act cute and innocent.


~でもある [~demoaru] - to also be something.

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