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MoeManga 002: Brain Power

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2013/10/25 17:07 JST In MoeManga
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Today's MoeManga idea was contributed by Andy Lo! If you would like your 4koma ideas turned into fully illustrated MoeManga strips then check out this post.

MoeManga Japanese Learning

Here are some of the keywords you may want to remember for your Japanese studies.

"頭" [あたま (atama)] means "head" or "brain". When used with "良い" [よい (yoi)], which means "good", it means you're a brainiac like Kanata-chan. "頭" can be used with other verbs and adjectives like below:-

  • 頭が悪い [あたまがわるい (atama ga warui)] - to be soft in the head.
  • 頭にくる [あたまにくる (atama ni kuru)] - to be annoyed.
  • 頭を冷やす [あたまをひやす (atama wo hiyasu)]- to cool one's temper/thoughts/emotions.
  • 頭が下がる [あたまがさがる (atama ga sagaru)] - to greatly admire someone.
  • 頭が禿げる [あたまがはげる (atama ga hageru)] - to go bald.

"頭" is also used when counting large animals such as horses or cows.
For example: "馬が二頭" [Uma ga nitou] 2 horses. "牛が十頭" [Ushi ga Jyuttou] 10 cows.


凄い [すごい (sugoi)] is Japanese for "amazing", "awesome", "awful" or just plain "wow".


"分ける" [わける (wakeru)] means to "share" or "separate". When another verb comes in front however, it can have new meanings too:-

  • 小さく分ける [ちいさくわける (chiisaku wakeru)] - to split up into small parts
  • 使い分ける [つかいわける (tsukai wakeru)] - to use properly.
  • 見分ける [みわける (miwakeru)] - to distinguish.
  • ふるい分ける [ふるいわける (furui wakeru)] - to select/sift.


"なんちゃって" [nanchatte] usually means "just kidding" but when used as a pre-noun adjective, it can also mean "wannabe", "pretend" or "fake".

  • なんちゃって女子高生 [なんちゃってじょしこうせい (nanchatte joshi kousei)] - a pretend high school girl.
  • なんちゃって結婚 [なんちゃってけっこん (nanchatte kekkon)] - a fake marriage.


"~wa" is one of the Japanese feminine sentence-final particles (aka. women's word 女性語) that is intended to give a polite and soft tone. Other ladylike speech includes "kashira", "noyo", "mashou" and many many more.

  • 欲しいわ [ほしいわ (hoshii-wa)] - I want that.
  • 行きますわ [いきますわ (ikimasu-wa)] - I'll go.


"じゃあ" [jya] is a conjunction used when you want to say something like "well then" or "so".


"こつん" [kotsun] - an onomatopoeia used when something hard (e.g. head) bumps onto another object. "Bonk" would be its western version.


"じー" [jiii] - an onomatopoeia used when a character stares at someone or something. The word comes from "じっと見る" [じっとみる (jitto miru)] which means to stare.


"むにゅっ" [munyu] - an onomatopoeia commonly used when you press something squishy.
The pronunciation is a quick "moon-you" and not "mun" as in "munchy".
A close western equivalent would be "squish".

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