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Japanese Classrooms

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2013/10/03 21:21 JST In Japan
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So what have Japanese students been doing in class of late? Well doing a search for 授業中 [Jyugyouchuu] (meaning "during class") brings up a load of photos which give us some idea of what shenanigans some of them get up to.
The following photos include stuff that the students have doodled during class too.

First photo - a bunch of young ladies doing the Japanese Peace Sign.

So what is it like in your class? Folks focused on study or larking about? Is your teacher good at teaching or about as useful as a slap to the face with a wet dog?

The tweet says "How to play Kancolle [艦これ] during class."

"Playing Monster Hunter 4 while poking about on the mobile phone."

"How to use your phone during class without being caught."

"How to drink juice in class without being caught."

And if you want to see other photos that I've taken in various high schools in Japan then check out the School tag.

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