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Akihabara Shops 11

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2013/10/11 17:49 JST In Places to visit in Japan
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Its that time of the month again - Akihabara Shops 11 ^^
Places visited includes Akihabara Radio Center, Yodobashi, Kotobukiya, Sofmap, Akibao, Yurindo, Otona no Departo M's, Gamers, Sega Game center, 2K540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN, Akiba Cultures Zone and more.

Me not seen Despicable Me yet - I hear its good?

Akihabara Electric Town Exit.

Eroge Jyu-kishi Cutie Bullet [銃騎士 Cutie☆Bullet] - illustrated by Hagure Yuuki-sensei who also drew our Mirai-chan.

Online light novel Momokyun Sword.

Checking out the latest educational software at Sofmap.

How often do you play eroge?

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Cutie from the eroge Imouto no Okage de Motesugite Yabai [妹のおかげでモテすぎてヤバい] - will be released on November 29th.

Preorder goodies for Karumaruka Circle [カルマルカサークル] which includes a clear file folder and life-size tapestry.

Eiyu Senki Gold [英雄戦姫 Gold] illustrated by Ashito Oyari-sensei. How many of you familiar with Eiyu Senki?

Aneimo Neo + Second Sisters [あねいも] out on November 29th.

Eroge Green Green Overdrive Edition [グリーングリーン] - a remake of the original Green Green (2001).

Spotted one of the remaining Moekana and Moekana Booster Pack. Moekana Second Edition is due for release early next year ^^

STEINS;GATE Fuka Ryoiki no Dejavu Blu-ray & DVD out on December 13th. How many of you watched the movie?

The ladies from IS.

Folks may want to visit the Akihabara Radio Store (on the right hand side) before it completely shuts down at the end of this November. This is just one of the places where we hunt for parts for our Smart Doll prototype development.

Checking out 3D printer Cube X at Yodobashi. This one up for 459,900 yen.
Check out the Smart Doll category to find out more about 3D Printing.

Only played around with Shade just a wee bit many years ago. Currently we use 3D Max, Maya and ZBrush.

Decorated smart phone cases - also called "Deko-den" [デコ電] which is short for "Decoration Denwa" or "Decorated Phone".

Loads of anime magazines stacked up at the Yurindo book store on Yodobashi 7th floor.

Newtype October edition.

If you want to learn how to draw yuri action then this guidebook may be of interest.

Nyan Type October edition featuring Madoka and Homura-chan.

More cuties from the social game Girl Friend (Beta).

BL comics - how many of these titles can you recognize?

Shimapan on sale at the Otona no Departo M's.

More health related products.


Sonico dakimakura with silicon pads embedded below her botty.

Japanese kaomoji [顔文字] (emoticon) charms.

Nyan Cafe Macchiato [にゃんカフェマキアート] illustrated by Yukie-sensei, Wori-sensei and Rubisama-sensei.

Madoka Magica Tsumamare rubber straps.

Haruka Nanase and Nagisa Hazuki from Kyoani's Free! How many of you watched it?

Dakimakura brides from Arcana Hearts.

Kancolle goodies.

Huge 1/2 scale Super Sonico figure by A-TOYS up for 39,800 yen.

Super Sonico Swimsuit Gravure ver. by Skytube.

Tony's Heroine Collection "Peace Keeper" Daisy figure by Kotobukiya.

Kotobukiya's Hentai Ouji Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi figure.

Uta no Prince-sama Showroom was held at the Kotobukiya Store 5F (Sept. 5th~16th) featuring dakimakura, T-shirts, alarm clocks and many other accessories.

Left or Right?

2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN situated underneath the railway tracks between Akihabara and Okachimachi station has plethora of stores selling handmade apparel & artworks and also workshops where you can get first-hand experience making them.

Japan Illustrator's Festival.

Is Coppelion on your anime watchlist?

Up n coming manga at K-books.

Rows n rows of dakimakura.


Super Sonico Marshmallow keyholder.

Loads of gacha.

My Little Pony figurines licensed for the Japanese market by Bushiroad.

Oreimo clear file folders.

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyo [幻影ヲ駆ケル太陽] Volume 1 Blu-ray/DVD out on September 25th.

And lastly before taking off, we visit the Madoka Magica themed Sega Game center.

Idol Master prizes.

Saki girls hyper jumbo cushion.

Protective NEET helmet - for when duty calls.

Japanese kaomoji uchiwa.


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