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If you recognize this character then it means that you either play or have heard of the PS3/PS Vita game called Dragons Crown.
The game has very high ratings in Japan and looks like its done quite well overseas judging from the reviews at Amazon.com.

Dragons Crown is a side scrolling adventure beat-em-up just like the oldies Final Fight and Streets of Rage. I loved those games so decided to give Dragons Crown a whirl and was delighted to discover such an awesome game packed with atmosphere which reminded me a lot of Lord of the Rings.

If you like the Dungeons and Dragons theme then I think you will like this game.
Check out the trailer below.

You get to choose from characters like Amazon, Fighter, Dwarf, Elf, Wizard and Sorceress.
My character of choice is for some reason always a female character - there are a few in the game but I choose Sorceress because shes cute - it has nothing to do with the size of her eyes - I swear.
Sorceress in action below.

I play the game on and off so have not got really far and still don't have any really cool weapons yet ^^;

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Today we take a look at the up n coming scale figure of Sorceress by Alphamax - photos taken at their head offices in Akihabara.

Alphamax has been producing a load of really nice quality figures of late and Sorceress looks like another well produced product. Details listed up below.

  • Series: Dragon's Crown
  • Scale: 1/8 scale
  • Height: Approximately 23cm in height
  • Spec: Painted PVC figure
  • Sculptor: HIRO
  • Retail Price: 11,800 yen (tax excluded)
  • Release Date: March 2014
  • Preorder Deadline: October 16th 2013

Check out Alphamax for more info.

From the way the figure is made you would think that she would be cast-offable but the only removable part is the hat ^^;

If you are interested in pre-ordering Sorceress then check out the following trusted online retailers.

I'd normally think that her eyes are too big but am already used to the size from playing the game and now think they look fine - too big or acceptable for you?

The size of Sorceress' eyes are...

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While Dragons Crown has received a lot of praise, the character design seems to have received a lot of criticism too - particularly about the size of Sorceress' eyes.

Criticism can be good as the feedback can be constructive and be used as reference to improve ones products.
Criticism can also be plain offensive - disguised as "criticism" but is in fact trolling which provides no value at all. In the case of Dragons Crown, the character designer was called names but the worse thing is that the designer reacted.

Reacting to trolling does a few things - it makes you look silly and gives satisfaction to the troll. So in other words, the moment you react is the moment you lose.
If you want to take revenge against a troll then the only thing you should do is to carry on doing what your troll despises the most - and the moment you decide to carry on is the moment you win as watching your success is what tears up your trolls from the inside.

I'm sure most of us here dislike being ignored but its worse for a troll because even after they've made a fuss and showed everybody that they have spent their precious time to aggravate you - they just get ignored and denied of their existence.

I guess that is one happy skeleton.

And this is how sorceress would look like around your workspace.

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