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WF2013 Summer Dolls

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2013/10/17 21:55 JST In Doll
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Completely forgot to post the remainder of the Wonfes photos which covers all the dolls related stuff at booths which include Azone, Obitsu, Cherry Milk, Tokyo Libido, Mutenka Project, Oshare Iiko Dou, R/Q, Onoken Dou, Zippy Child, Tenshi no Toiki and Getter Land.

Got another doll event this weekend which is Dollism Plus Tokyo - if you are going then see you there ^^



Mirai-Chan at Monument Valley
Thu 2017/01/19  0  4701
Monument Valley
Thu 2017/01/19  0  3655
Smartdoll at Grand Canyon
Wed 2017/01/18  0  5959
Sunset at Grand Canyon
Wed 2017/01/18  0  5446

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