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WF2013 Summer Dealer Booth

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2013/09/22 22:14 JST In Figures
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I had a bad feeling that I forgot to post something from the last Wonfes - the dealer booth stuff ><
In todays post we take a lookie at figures and artworks displayed at the Wonder Festival 2013 Summer dealer booth area.
Booths include Atelier SBM, NAGAE Art Production, T's System, Mii Lab & Chicken Duck EX, Jet X Some, Plastic Garden, Mameshiba, Genrei Koubou, Kuni20xx, Takorasu, Bake Neko Yashiki, Poly-Toys, Melbox, Atelier Hiro, Burivary System, Dai Nihon Giken, Sagawa Electronics and more.



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