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Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2013/05/28 11:56 JST In Anime Events
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Get ready for an exciting lineup of stage activities at CJC.
Stage Highlights:

  • Vividblaze Live Performance
  • Shirahane Nao Illustration Workshop
  • Ikkyuu Illustration Workshop
  • Maridah Panel
  • Angie Panel
  • Asakawa Yuu Panel
  • Guest Autograph Sessions

Or just come to see Danny Choo talk:

Exclusive Merchandise

Many of our exhibitors will be preparing exclusive merchandise for CJC, stuff you won't be able to get anywhere else in the world, or stuff that you'll be the first in the region to get. Some of the hottest picks we believe many of you will absolutely love listed below:

Culture Japan Highlights

Good Smile Company: Figure Highlights

Guest Merchandise


... and more!


Fedup of cosplaying on public transport, at work or at school where you get ignored? Be fedup and be ignored no more!
Culture Japan Con welcomes all cosplayers to mingle and enjoy anime culture with like minded folk.
We have changing rooms and baggage drop off at no extra cost to support cosplayers.

If you are confident of your cosplay skills and think you can match up to the best in your region, be sure to take part in our Cosplay competition and even stand to win a pair of return tickets to Tokyo!
You can register for the competition right here.

*For your and all attendees security, baggage will be screened before it is accepted at the baggage drop off.

Card Game Tournaments

Little Akiba will be hosting various card game tournaments at the Little Akiba x Vanguard Section. If you love trading card games, CJC is the place to be on 17 and 18 August!


Don't worry about going hungry at CJC, in fact getting hungry is probably a good thing because there will also be a row of Japanese food booths located on the ground floor.
The event hall also just happens to be located in a beautiful seafront mall equipped with a good variety of eateries.
Grab a quick bite of your favourite delicacies and fully recharge yourself for more awesome fun at CJC.

Doll & Figure Display

Attending Culture Japan Con? You has cutie figures? You has cutie dollies? If the answer is "yes and what's it to do with you?" then how about bring them along to show the rest of za warudo at the Doll & Figure Display.
Following the Culture Japan Night tradition, we have set aside an area for anyone and everyone to showcase their little darlings.

Grand Lucky Draw

If you pre-ordered your CJC tickets, don't forget to stay till the end of the second day for the Grand Lucky Draw! The winner gets TWO return tickets to Tokyo, and that winner could be any one of you who has bought a ticket before the event day itself.

Good Luck!

More about CJC2013 listed up below.


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