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I Doll 38 Dealer's Booth

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2013/07/22 22:13 JST In Doll
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Its that time of the year again - I Doll 38 took place yesterday at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade center (Taitou Building) and as usual it was filled with a ton of accessories - wigs, clothes, weapons, food, glasses, hats, shoes and wot not.

if you didn't make it then fret you shall not - here are the photos taken in the dealer booth area.

First up is Atelier Monira [あとりえ もにら].

Nekomassigura [ねこまっしぐら].

Soeka [添花~Soeka~].

Teshigoto no Takayama [手仕事のタカヤマ].

Cork Neko [コルクネコ].

Chirizuka Dou [ちりづか堂].

Tabi to Doll [旅とドール].

Ao no Doll Dress [◆蒼◆のドールドレス].

Momoya Mannendo [モモ屋萬年堂].

Choco Mero [☆チョコメロ☆].

Atelier Ikuko [アトリエ イクコ].

Atelier Mon Muse [アトリエMon Muse].

Douwakan Mother Goose [童話館 Mother Goose].

Choco Radio [チョコラジオ].

Neko to Kaeru Co./ Yakimaruya [*猫とカエル社*/やきまるや].

Sunabako no Kuma [すなばこのくま].

Revolve [リボルブ].

LOCKON [ロックオン].



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