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Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2013/05/01 18:09 JST In Mascot
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Mirai Suenaga seems to be an especially popular girl in Malaysia - first she became a mascot character for the electronic payment system Touch n Go then she went on to become a mascot character for Kinokuniya's member card. Now she's on the public transport too!

There have been a load of Mirai Suenaga Ita-vehicles so far - Itasha, Itachari and Ita-plane! Today we add another vehicle to the mix - Ita-bus!

Currently running on the streets of Penang in Malaysia is a Mirai-chan Ita-bus promoting Culture Japan Convention - Anime, Games, Cosplay, Doujin and guests from Japan which include voice actress Asakawa Yuu ^o^

We wanted to plaster the windows too but was told that we could only work with the bottom half of the bus ^^;

If you see the busses and manage to take a photo then it is said that it will be life long good fung shui for you.

I wish I had a Mirai bus to take me to work or school ><

The illustration on the back of the bus is by Koizumi Amane-sensei - the high res wallpapers and Photoshop files live in this post for you to make your own goodies.

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