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Dark Magician Girl

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2013/05/23 09:06 JST In Figures
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You is being familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh! If so then you will probably be familair with this little lady - Dark Magician Girl which has been given the Cu-Poche treatment by Kotobukiya.
I managed to nab one from the Kotobukiya offices before she's out this July.

Dark Magician Girl will retail for 3,990 yen and if she tickles your fancy then you can check out one of the following online retailers who may have her up for pre-order.

As with the other Cu-Poche figures, this little lady comes with a load of accessories and face plates.

How many of you have consumed Yu-Gi-Oh! contents (anime, card games) in your lifetime? Many people I speak to say they used to when they were younger.

Have you been a consumer of Yu-Gi-Oh! goodies?

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